Vipassana Meditation

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Continuing with Vipassana

So what to do once you've learned the mechnanics of meditation via vipassana? One good idea is to team up with your friends or fellow students you met at the vipassana centre to hone your skills together. That way you can maintain the thread of heightened awareness and self-critical consciousness that will be quite useful in achieving a deeper understanding of yourself and other people.

Vipassana's long-term effects really depends on the goals you would like to achieve, whether it's in your everyday life or in the interior life of the mind. Perhaps you are looking for a way to rediscover your wellsprings of creativity, or you seek relief from painful events in your past. Vipassana meditation has a very important lesson for all of us: everything passes and not everything is something we must hold on to.

By learning to accept that our emotions and ideas are but little bits of an immense stream, we can begin to release our ego's fixations on them, which according to Buddha's philosophy is a cause of so much pain in our human world.

Vipassana is the perfect complement to physical rejuvenation therapies such as Thai deep body massage or Tai Chi After all, the body alone is not the only thing we need to replenish after going through life's everyday stresses. Practise vipassana to achieve a holistic personal improvement day after day.

If you're interested in spreading knowledge of Vipassana to others, why not go into teaching? Practise vipassana as a teaching at the meditation centre where you learned the basics, or open your own place. You may also add vipassana lessons to the services you offer at your rejuvenation centre. Consult with experts of vipassana to refine your knowledge of its techniques and how you can share it.

If you have a story to share on how Vipassana is helping you in your life, feel free to contact us and we'll be glad to post it here on!